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June 24th-June 28th

9 A.M. - 1 P.M.

Ages 8-14

Columbine United Church

Based on Roald Dahl's beloved novel, Matilda tells the story of an extraordinary little girl who uses her vivid mind and telekinetic abilities to take a stand against her cruel parents and brutal principal. Campers will sing and dance to a few of their favorite songs like "Revolting Children" and "When I Grow Up" while exploring scenes with eccentric and lovable characters in this thrilling story of love, growing up, and the power of imagination.  

**One new spot has opened in Matilda (previously full)! Don't miss your last chance to join us for a revolting summer!**

One Spot Left!

Matilda camp will take place indoors at Columbine United Church in Littleton:

6375 S Platte Canyon Rd

Littleton, CO 80123

Payment Information

Camp Price: $215

A non-refundable deposit of $90 will be due at the time of registration. Families may choose to pay in full, or may pay only the non-refundable deposit.  The remaining amount will be automatically withdrawn from the entered payment method on Friday, June 21st.  The $90 deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. No refunds of any amount will be issued after June 21st

As part of Stagebugz's mission to make arts education available to all, Theater Accessibility Grants are available to those unable to cover the entire cost of registration. Please visit our Financial Aid page to learn more. 


Matilda will culminate in a final "share-formance" where students can show off what they learned to family and friends. Cast A will be at 11:30 and Cast B will be at 12:30 in the sanctuary at Columbine United Church (students in Cast A are welcome to leave after their showcase or stay for the remainder of the camp day for games and activities).


Before the start of camp, families will have the option to request a "shareformance" time if they are unable to attend the other, and families with more than one child in camp may request to have both students in the same cast.

Auditions and Casting

Every student is guaranteed a role with at least one line and one solo upon registering. Auditions simply help us to determine which spot each performer will enjoy and gain the most from. Summer camp is a great opportunity for every young actor to break out of their comfort zone and have a chance to take center stage, so every camper will play a featured role.

Auditions for Matilda will be run workshop-style on the first day of camp. No prior preparation is required. The cast list, including which cast each student will perform with, will be sent out by the end of the night on June 24th. We do our best to find a role that each child will be excited about, but please remember that in Stagebugz shows, there truly are no small parts. Additionally, many factors go into casting a show, and not receiving their desired role is not a reflection of a child's level of talent.  

Sample Camp Day

Each day of camp is a little bit different, as we tailor lessons and activities to best fit the needs of our students.  However, every day will include rehearsal time, a special skills workshop, games, and team building.  Each day will include two longer breaks for snack and lunch, as well as frequent water and restroom breaks as needed. Here is what a sample day might look like:

9:00-9:10 - Check-in and bonding time

9:10-9:20 - Stretches and vocal warm-ups

9:20-9:50 - Rehearsal Block 1: Music

9:50-10:15- Special Skills Workshop: Improv

10:15-10:25 - Snack Break

10:25-10:35 - Playground Time

10:35-10:45 - Team Building Game

10:45-11:30 - Rehearsal Block 2: Scene Blocking and Character Development

11:30-11:55 - Lunch Break and Playground Time

11:55-12:40 - Rehearsal Block 3: Choreography

12:40-12:55 - Clean-up and Theater Games

12:55-1:00 - Closing Circle and Pick-Up

*Please Note: Camp dates, times, and location subject to change.

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