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  • When does registration for Summer 2024 open?
    Registration for our 2024 summer camps opens December 1st, just in time for the holidays! Visit our "summer camps" page for more info.
  • What does a typical camp day look like?
    All camp days are different! Please visit the page for your camp for a detailed breakdown of a typical camp day. Generally, each day consists of warm-ups, team-building games and activities, and special interest workshops, but the bulk of the day for performance-based camps will be spent rehearsing for our show.
  • What if I can't afford tuition?
    We never want money to prevent students from getting to experience theatre! Please visit our Financial Aid page to learn about the multiple programs we offer. Don't hesitate to email with any questions or issues regarding tuition.
  • What is the refund policy?
    All camps require a non-refundable deposit to be paid when registering, which amounts to approximately 40% of tuition. This deposit signifies a commitment to participate in a specific program and is non-refundable or transferrable. Refunds of full tuition minus the non-refundable deposit will be issued until the final tuition deadline (the Friday before the first day of camp). Unfortunately, no refunds can be issued after this.
  • Why does my child have to audition?
    For our summer camp performance programs, every child who registers is guaranteed a substantial role in the show. We limit our class sizes to make sure each student has the opportunity to shine. Auditions are the only fair way to assign roles in the show, and they help the directors determine which roles students will be able to thrive in and learn the most from. Auditions are also a great learning experience! Students will learn audition technique in a friendly environment, developing them tangible skills for situations like professional auditions, public speaking, and job interviews.
  • What does the audition process look like?
    The audition process varies for each production, and more information about auditions will be provided before camp starts. In general, all auditions are a low-pressure opportunity for students to show off what they can do and grow as performers. No prior preparation is required for summer camp auditions, and students will learn music, choreography, and scenes during the camp day. Campers will also have the opportunity to showcase special skills or other material they feel demonstrates the best of their abilities. It's completely normal for campers to be nervous about auditioning, and we help campers develop skills to overcome performance jitters. However, if audition nerves are preventing your child from wanting to participate, please let your camp instructor know and they will be happy to make accommodations!
  • What is casting based on?
    First and foremost, casting is based on students' strengths and where we believe each student will shine and be challenged. Other factors may contribute to casting, such as how quickly students learn or even how many rehearsals they plan on missing. We believe in the incredible talent and potential of each participant, and casting choices are always made because of something special a performer can bring to their role, never because another performer was "better". For example, two equally talented singers will inevitably have different voices that may be showcased more effectively in different roles. Every role in a Stagebugz show is equally as important and will have plenty of special and exciting things to do. Auditions and casting are just a small part of the experience, and we focus much more on building community and growing as artists.
  • What if my student is unhappy with their role?
    We understand! It can be disappointing and discouraging not to receive the role you were hoping for. Remind your student that so many factors go into casting, and they shouldn't take it as a reflection of their personal abilities if they don't get the role they want. We value all of our students and do our best to place everyone in a role they will enjoy and learn from. We hope students will keep an open mind and understand that all roles are equally important to the show. Our main goal is to provide a fun experience for campers, so please let us know if your child is disappointed! We are always willing to explain the reasoning behind our choices, provide feedback on their audition, and work with them to make sure they still have a great experience.
  • What happens if my child needs to miss a day of camp?
    For planned absences, families should email before the start of camp, and your instructors will do their best to adjust the rehearsal schedule accordingly. The health and safety of our campers and their families is our utmost priority, so we understand that emergencies and illnesses may arise. That being said, each production is working towards a performance, so attendance is important in order for us to prepare our show. If a camper is absent for more than 20% of camp, we may consider recasting or modifying their role. This is not in any way meant as a punishment and the camper will still be featured in our performance, but because our shows are largely ensemble-based, it can hinder other campers' experience when they must work around one actor's absence.
  • The camp I want to register for is full. Can you add a spot?
    We limit our camp sizes to maintain a low student-staff ratio, ensure safety for all campers, and provide each student a substantial role in the performance. If a camp is full, you will be able to join the waitlist in case a spot opens up.
  • What does my camper need to bring to camp each day?
    Campers must bring lunch, water, sunscreen, a pencil, and their scripts each day to camp. We also recommend that campers bring hats, sunglasses, and jackets, as some camp activities may take place outdoors. Stagebugz will provide one daily snack. A small amount of extra water and snacks will be available, but campers who continue to come unprepared may be charged an additional fee. Campers should wear comfortable, easy to move in clothes. Please avoid revealing clothing, clothing with derogatory language or references, and any other clothing which may hinder camper's ability to participate in activities. Street shoes are not allowed in the rehearsal studio; all campers must bring a change of shoes (ballet slippers or jazz shoes are preferred). Long hair should be up and pinned away from campers' faces.
  • How does drop-off and pick-up work?
    Check-in will start ten minutes prior to the start of camp each morning; parents are responsible for campers until their child has been checked in. Campers should be picked up at the posted end of the camp day; additional fees may apply if parents are continuously late for pick-up. Parents/guardians must check their child in and out every day; please let your instructors know if someone else will be picking up their camper, and make sure campers know who will be picking them up. To ensure your child's safety, we will not let them leave with somebody who they don't believe they are supposed to be going home with, even if you have informed us that an alternate caretaker will be picking them up. If there are any discrepancies, parents will be contacted before the child is released from camp.
  • What should I expect from the workshops?
    Each workshop is different and carefully curated towards a specific age group or skill. Generally, in-person workshops will consist of warm-ups, icebreakers, and theatre games, but most of the session will be dedicated to learning material or practicing techniques. Virtual workshops are shorter and focused specifically on a niche topic. Most in-person workshops will end in a short performance for parents. Fun is guaranteed at all workshops!
  • What should I expect from the final performance?
    We love to share what we learned at the workshops with parents and family! As our workshops only run 1-2 hours, the "shareformance" at the end is generally a quick, 1-2 minute presentation of a song and/or dance that your kids worked on to share. For older performers, some workshops will consist of scene work, in which case the final performance may run 5-10 minutes. Information regarding your specific workshop will be shared once you've signed up.
  • Why are some workshops virtual?
    Virtual options allow Stagebugz to offer more frequent and robust programs for our students. There are many exciting tools we can take advantage of in a virtual setting, but these workshops will still have the same fun, low-pressure atmosphere as in-person ones. Because many professional opportunities (such as auditions and classes) in the industry are now conducted online, virtual workshops provide a great learning experience for more serious performers!
  • Can parents stay for the workshop?
    We strongly discourage parents from staying during the workshop, as having a parent present can be distracting and inhibiting for some performers. However, we are committed to making our workshops accessible to every child, and we understand that participation in our workshops may not be possible for some performers without a parent or guardian. Please contact us ahead of time to request to have a parent present.
  • I signed up for the waitlist. Can I bring my child anyway?
    Workshop class sizes are chosen carefully based on the nature of that day's activities and the space. For the safety of participants, we cannot allow more students than our set capacity. Members of the waitlist will be contacted prior to the start of the workshop if a spot becomes available. Children on the waitlist who have not been offered a spot will not be checked in unless ten minutes have passed since the advertised start of the workshop and spots are still available.
  • When will Stagebugz offer more free workshops?
    Frequency of free workshop offerings is based on demonstrated interest and participation from the community. Our workshop programs will begin again in Fall 2024!


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