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About US

Stagebugz is a 501(c)3 theatre organization dedicated to bringing the joy of theatre to kids in an affordable, accessible, and supportive environment. 

Why Theatre?

Whether your student has their sights set on Broadway or has never stepped on a stage in their life, theatre provides so many invaluable experiences, and we hope you'll consider getting them involved! While many studies have linked arts education to better performance in subjects like literacy and math, we believe that theatre education is also valuable on its own. Theatre teaches kids skills in communication, problem-solving, public speaking, visual analysis, creativity, and critical thinking, to name a few. Theatre also helps kids learn how to empathize with others and view the world from different perspectives. It gives outgoing, eager students a way to express themselves and allows more reserved, curious kids to explore new possibilities. Most importantly, learning theatre is a ton of fun and will give your kids the chance to make amazing friends and countless memories!

Why Stagebugz?

​There are plenty of amazing theatre camps and classes to choose from, so why try Stagebugz? Read on to find out what makes us different!

  • The Stagebugz S's​​

Our philosophy can be summed up in the "Three S's": Safe, Supported, and Special! This means we strive to be a place where every child's needs are met, and they feel cared for, encouraged, and valued.

  • Experienced Staff

Our team is made up of young professionals currently working in the entertainment industry! This means we know how to engage with kids because we remember being in their position, and we understand and apply current industry trends into our teaching for students looking to get into performing. With experience directing, producing, teaching, and acting, we view our classes and productions from all perspectives. 

  • Collaborative Community

At Stagebugz, we believe students can only learn theatre by actually doing theatre, so we keep our class sizes small and ensure that each performer has plenty of opportunities to work and grow. Above all else, our performers are taught to respect and accept each other; we foster collaboration instead of competition. We are also always open and flexible to altering our curriculum to meet each student's needs, interests, and ideas. 

  • Individualized Attention

We've been to those rehearsals where half of the cast is sent away to work on their own or made to sit and watch for hours, and we remember how disappointing that is for eager young performers. One of our missions with starting Stagebugz was to create a space where every performer feels valued and has the opportunity to grow, so we make sure students are engaged and having fun!

  • Doing Good

Stagebugz is dedicated to using the arts to make the world a better place.  We are a non-profit organization and provide free workshops, pay-what-you-can classes, and scholarships to make sure every child gets to explore the exciting world of theatre!

Meet The Team

"I was so touched by the support, patience, and kindness Aspen and Ashley displayed. I wish there were a billion more people like them. The world could use the light!"

Winnie the Pooh grandparent

(Camper) felt so welcome and included and talked every day about her new friends. I'm so impressed at the way you created an environment where such a wide age range of kids could become friends and work as a team. I also really appreciated the very organized emails and practice files you sent daily. Thanks for putting on a wonderful camp!"

Willy Wonka parent

The kids LOVED Mean Girls. That was very impressive how you managed to get so much done in just one day! We have greatly enjoyed our experiences with Stagebugz so far and plan to continue to do things with them as often as we are able."

- Musical-in-A-Day Parent


Ashley Leanne Somers - CEO and Co-Founder

Ashley is a seasoned actress and director in both theatre and film, with credits including guest spots on Emmy-winning television shows, leads in critically-acclaimed films, and roles on stage across Colorado. She holds a B.A. in Dramatic Arts from the University of Southern California, where she also studied film and dance. Ashley has over 12 years of experience in all aspects of the performing arts, from directing an innovative college production of Little Women to developing theatre curricula for underserved kids in collaboration with members of Congress. She is also the founder of a student-led performing arts organization at USC, a producer with the film production company Angel Wing Productions, and an assistant teacher at Colorado School of Acting. However, Ashley's favorite thing in the world is teaching with Stagebugz! She absolutely loves working with our amazing students and sharing her passion for theatre!


Aspen K Somers - President and Artistic Director

As co-founder of Stagebugz Theatre, sharing her passion for theater with young performers has been the greatest joy of Aspen's life. Aspen grew up performing around Colorado and studied for five years at the Colorado School of Acting. She made her directorial debut at age 16 with the Broadway World Award-nominated "Letters" and fell in love with the production side of the arts. She is currently senior at the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Dramatic Arts, where she serves as Artistic Director of CommUnity Arts Collective and is pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Aspen is an executive producer with Angel Wing Productions where she has had the great honor of producing, directing, and writing several films and series. Outside of theater, Aspen is a Disney enthusiast, has a lifelong love of writing and reading, and spends most of her free time in the kitchen baking her world-famous homemade bread.

Zesty Headshot.JPG

Zesty Lyhtgoe - Assistant Instructor

Zesty Lythgoe is a senior theatre major at Monmouth College in Illinois. She fell in love with the stage when she performed as Nana the dog in Peter Pan at the age of seven, and has been acting ever since. Some of her favorite roles include Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet and Marie Antoinette in The Revolutionists. Zesty has a background in teaching, since she started as an education major at Monmouth, and has completed 100 hours of her education degree. She can't wait to combine both passions this summer at Stagebugz!


Andrew Vega - Assistant Instructor

Andrew Vega is a junior at Metro State University of Denver, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre, becoming the first low vision or blind student accepted into the program. Andrew has nearly ten years of theatre experience, performing in shows such as Oklahoma!, The Rocky Horror Show, and Beauty and the
. He has also assisted with backstage duties as a stage manager, written several short plays, and performed in numerous talent showcases and choirs. Andrew has previous experience working with and mentoring children of various age groups, and is
excited to share his talents with the Stagebugz crew this summer!​​


Cam Tow - Assistant Instructor

Cam Tow graduated high school in May and is going to be a Theater Performance and Psychology double major at Wagner College in the fall. She’s been performing since she was 8 years old and has performed at almost every level, from school to professional. She’s even performed on a moving train! Some of her favorite credits include playing Katherine in Freaky Friday, Janis in Mean Girls and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors at her high school. Outside of performing, she’s also been Assistant Stage Manager and was a teacher's assistant for Middle School Drama as a senior in high school. She loves working with kids and can’t wait to help cultivate the magic of performance with Stagebugz this summer!!

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