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Stagebugz is a new youth theatre organization dedicated to bringing the joy of theatre to kids in an affordable, supportive environment. 

Why Theatre?

Whether your student has their sights set on Broadway or has never stepped on a stage in their life, theatre provides so many invaluable experiences, and we hope you'll consider getting them involved! While many studies have linked arts education to better performance in subjects like literacy and math, we believe that theatre education is also valuable on its own. Theatre teaches kids skills in communication, problem-solving, public speaking, visual analysis, creativity, and critical thinking, to name a few. Theatre also helps kids learn how to empathize with others and view the world from different perspectives. It gives outgoing, eager students a way to express themselves and allows more reserved, curious kids to explore new possibilities. Most importantly, learning theatre is a ton of fun and will give your kids the chance to make amazing friends and countless memories!

Why Stagebugz?

​There are plenty of amazing theatre camps and classes to choose from, so why try Stagebugz? Read on to find out what makes us different!

  • Every student is a star​​​​

We believe that you can't learn theatre without actually doing theatre, so we ensure that every child gets to play an enjoyable role that allows them to explore performance techniques!

  • Experienced Staff

Our team is made up of young professionals currently working in the entertainment industry! This means we know how to engage with kids because we remember being in their position, and we understand and apply current industry trends into our teaching for students looking to get into performing. With experience directing, producing, teaching, and acting, we view our classes and productions from all perspectives. 

  • Collaborative Environment

At Stagebugz, summer camp is about your kids! We are always open and flexible to alter our curriculum to meet each student's needs and interests. We also know that even our youngest performers have great ideas, and we make sure every student feels that their voice is heard throughout the production process. 

  • Individualized Attention

We've been to those rehearsals where half of the cast is sent away to work on their own or made to sit and watch for hours, and we remember how disappointing that is for eager young performers. One of our missions with starting Stagebugz was to create a space where every performer feels valued and has the opportunity to grow, so we make sure students are engaged and having fun!

  • Doing Good

Stagebugz is dedicated to using the arts to make the world a better place.  Therefore, a portion of your registration fee will be donated to Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP), a non-profit arts education organization.​

Meet The Team

"I can hardly express my gratitude and admiration for the Somers twins, who gave (my daughter) and so many other kids a chance to do what they love during this challenging Christmas of being stuck alone apart. I cried through half of (the show) because I was so proud of all the kids, and so floored by the altruism and creativity of these mere teens. Thanks for the shining spot of inspiration."

-Karen M. 

Parent of Quarantwinned cast member and child actor from Broadway and Nickelodeon


Ashley Leanne Somers - Co-founder and Director

Ashley is beyond excited to spend this summer with Stagebugz! She is a seasoned actress in both theatre and film, with credits ranging from network television shows to national commercials. She has received many accolades, such as a nomination for a BroadwayWorld Regional Theatre award for "Best Young Actress" and having a film she directed as a finalist in the TMFA Film Festival. She is currently studying at USC's School of Dramatic Arts and School of Cinematic Arts, where she is President of the Community Arts Collective student production company.  Ashley has directed everyone from first-time theatre kids in the youth program at the Town Hall Arts Center to Broadway stars in the series Quarantwinned. She also has plenty of experience working with kids as a nanny and a tutor, and she helped develop a theatre curriculum for children as part of the popular Homework Helpers program. Ashley can't wait to get to know your kids and share her love of storytelling with them!


Aspen K Somers - Co-founder and Director

Aspen is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love of theater through Stagebugz! Aspen is currently a rising junior at the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Dramatic Arts, where she serves on the executive board of Impulse Theater Company and has partaken in multiple productions, most notably as the assistant director of Stephen Karam's Speech and Debate and as an actor in award-winning director Ken Sawyer's The White Plague. Growing up, Aspen studied for five years in the career program at the Colorado School of Acting, meanwhile building up extensive film and theater credits. At the age of 16, Aspen was nominated for a BroadwayWorld "Best Director" award for her original show Letters. In addition, she has served as an intern with Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids and an executive producer on the series Quarantwinned. She looks forward to an amazing summer with your kids!

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