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In addition to our need-based grants, Stagebugz offers a select number of application-based Excellence Scholarships to celebrate performers demonstrating excellence, leadership, and commitment to the arts. One student per session will receive each of the awards outlined below. These scholarships are intended to empower and encourage young performers in their pursuit of an arts education, and selections are based on the applicant's responses rather than demonstrated financial need, as we understand that there are additional extenuating circumstances which might prevent a child from affording a class or camp. 

All Excellence Scholarships cover the remaining program tuition after the non-refundable deposit (varies per class). Applications will be open June 1st-August 1st for Fall 2024. Recipients will be notified on August 5th.

Interested applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for multiple scholarships should select one to apply for. Students may not receive more than one Excellence Scholarship per calendar year. Theatre Accessibility Grant recipients are not eligible to receive an Excellence Scholarship within the same season.

***Spots will NOT be reserved in fall programs for excellence scholarship recipients. Applicants are strongly encouraged to register for their intended program using the "non-refundable deposit" option in order to secure their spot, and should they be awarded a scholarship, the remaining tuition will be waived.

Looking to support Stagebugz Theatre's Financial Aid programs? Learn how HERE or email us at to find out more about sponsoring a scholarship.

Barb Holman Empowerment Scholarship

This scholarship aims to encourage more youth to get involved

with theatre, and celebrates theatre's role in cultivating empathy,

compassion, and understanding. The scholarship will be awarded to 

students who demonstrate the leadership and kindness of its namesake.


Eligibility Requirements:

~Between the ages of 8-18

~ Applying for either Mainstage or Teen Blackbox Company 

~ Parent permission to apply

~Willing to serve as a role model and mentor to peers

~ Students from traditionally underrepresented communities, male-identifying actors (who are too frequently discouraged from pursuing the arts), and first-time performers are especially encouraged to apply!

*This scholarship is offered in memory of Barbara Holman, who always made every child feel safe, supported, and special.

Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support older performers who are working towards a career in the arts. In addition to scholarship funds towards a program, Stagebugz instructors will provide up to two 30-minute virtual career mentoring sessions to the recipient and their family, which can be used for anything from audition coaching to guidance on finding a talent agent to creating a resume and demo reel. APPLY HERE.

Eligibility Requirements:

~ Between the ages 10-18 

~ Parent permission to apply

~ At least 1 year of experience in acting or musical theatre

~ Actively pursuing a current or future career in the performing arts

*This scholarship is generously funded by our donors.

Stagebugz Family Scholarship

This scholarship celebrates families who have demonstrated outstanding support and loyalty to Stagebugz. Stagebugz owners fund this scholarship themselves as a "thank-you" to our students and parents/guardians who have consistently gone above and beyond in their enthusiasm, participation, and dedication to our programs. APPLY HERE.

Eligibility Requirements:

~ Participated in at least 2 prior Stagebugz classes or camps

~ Has demonstrated a commitment to Stagebugz

~Has positively contributed to the Stagebugz community and the family environment

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