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Theatre Accessibility Grants

What are they?

Theatre Accessibility Grants are scholarships that cover a portion of tuition for students who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate. Our top priority at Stagebugz is to make arts affordable and accessible to all, and these grants are in place to make sure money never has to be a barrier. Grants vary by circumstance but generally range from 25% of tuition to full tuition minus a materials fe equivalent to that camp's non-refundable deposit.

Who should apply?

Anyone who needs it! If money is the only reason your child cannot participate in a camp or class, we encourage you to apply for a grant. While grants are need-based, we understand that there are many reasons finances may be an issue aside from just household income. Each individual circumstance will be carefully evaluated; please do not hesitate to apply if you feel your family would benefit from a scholarship. However, scholarship funds are limited, so we ask that families who are able to afford tuition leave these resources for others and refrain from applying. 

How do I apply?

For Fall 2023 programs, please email to request a grant application.

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